Ontological Coaching

The way we perceive ourselves is at the heart of our evolution. Through Ontological Coaching, reassuming the reins on your life is possible. This is precisely why ontological coaching exists to awaken your awareness of your inner power to shift and transform your life through all its changes and challenges.

What is Ontological Coaching?

Ontological coaching is based on centuries of study on the ‘Way of Being.’ What does this mean?

Ontology is the study of existence, of being. As far back as the 6th Century BC  – philosophers worldwide, studied the behavior of the self and how it exists physically and emotionally. The major understanding is and was that the self is always evolving. It has a variety of emotions that are always in a cause-and-effect relationship with its environment. It is rarely at a constant/fixed state..

This ever-evolving self needs to be recognized and nurtured. This is where the Observer enters. The Observer in us is the powerful inner self we can align ourselves with through a careful deepening of self-knowledge.

By harnessing your internal Observer, you can strengthen your everyday experience. You can find new perspectives and be more present in our lives.

Ontological coaching is the support to this alignment. While you hold the power to connect with your Observer, it isn’t something you must do alone. Humans are social beings! Through a holistic, conversational approach, ontological coaches assist you in deepening your self-awareness, your connection with your as the Observer.. The result is a more enriched life mentally, physically, and emotionally, where you feel present and empowered.

What Ontological Coaches Do

The power of ontological coaching is yourself. Coaches function as expert guides to promote deep self awareness and support your journey to actively participate in your ‘way of being’ – i.ie. how you show up in the world. This is an ongoing process, as the self is something that ebbs and flows. Ontological coaches provide a steady trusted hand while you observe changes around you.

Ontological coaches listen and ask questions. Their role isn’t to tell you what to do or how to engage with your inner Observer – they are guides to help you identify habits, preconceived ideas, deep-seated beliefs, and other emotions that may be barriers to you living a full, meaningful life.

The Observer is a powerful role, unique to each person. It is like a ballet dancer. There are new moves and dances. Yet the patience, discipline, and practice remain the same. In other words, ontological coaches support you as you channel your Observer and utilize it to flow with the shifts of your life. This practice will give you new perspectives while maintaining internal balance.

The Dragonfly Wellness Approach

Dr. Réquel Lopes, AP is a trained ontological coach who works diligently with each client to establish their true awareness of their  emotional, mental, and physical state of being.

At Dragonfly Wellness, Dr. Lopes works with clients individually to deepen self-awareness through sessions filled with powerful curious questioning. Together, we will explore and transform your way of being, bringing you closer to each session to living the fulfilled, enriched life you deserve.

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