Dragonfly Wellness was founded on one core principle – to restore harmony and balance in every patient’s life.

A firm believer that healing comes from within, Dr. Lopes’ alternative medicine journey began with a symbol of compassion – her grandmother. Growing up, her grandmother fed her family nourishing foods that promoted more energy and fewer doctor’s visits. This act of nourishment wasn’t new – it was a practice passed down from a long cultural tradition.

When Dr. Lopes began to consider a life in medicine, this childhood experience guided her outlook. She asked herself – how did cultures for centuries devise such potent and holistic healing principles?

Dr. Lopes continued this exploration through her career in public health, engaging with people from all walks of life. No matter the experience, one thing seemed to be the same: the quick fixes in Western medicine weren’t providing the long-term solutions our health demands. There was a lack of preventative medicine and individuality in treatment care, not to mention a major disconnect between our emotional and physical health. This led Dr. Lopes to dive further into Eastern medicine practices.

After 21 years in public health, Dr. Lopes dove full force into Eastern medicine. She became a board-certified acupuncturist physician, which required 4 years of rigorous study.

Today, Dr. Lopes owns Dragonfly Wellness – a healing center focusing on personalized treatments that restore balance in our lives. From acupuncture to PSYCH-K, Dr. Lopes aligns the mind, body, and spirit in each treatment to help clients reduce their pain and stress while rejuvenating their productivity. Through Dr. Lopes’ approach, you will discover pathways of transformation and healing, leading to long-term empowerment in your life.