Conscious Connected breathing

Often, the most transformative movements come in the gentlest forms. Conscious Connected Breathing (Breathwork) is precisely this – a practice that teaches us how small changes can change our lives.

What is Conscious Connected Breathing

We all have heard about our subconscious. It is a remarkable aspect of our minds that influences our actions. Our subconscious carries many deep-seated feelings and perspectives that define our responses.

The subconscious may seem like an untamable creature. But, the truth is – it is very much something we can connect to and develop an understanding of its nature.

This is where Conscious Connected Breathing steps in.

A highly-effective breathwork therapy, Conscious Connected Breathing is a practice that relieves stress through careful breathing techniques. This methodology focuses on gentle movement that brings awareness of the deepest emotions that we harbor in our subconscious.

Conscious breathwork is not a new invention. It has long been a pivotal part of Eastern medicine as a path to spiritual transformation. Conscious Connected Breathing focuses on aligning the mind, body, and spirit. These 3 characters are at the heart of Eastern medicine. If these 3 are not in harmony, one cannot lead a healthy life.

Through breathwork sessions, small yet strategic movements help us find a long-term balance between our mind, body, and spirit. As we continue on the path of conscious breathing, we can find alignment with our highest form of consciousness. This means forming a mindset that is less stressed and more reflective of true ourselves.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a practice that goes beyond your session. The breathing techniques you learn will become integral to your daily life. Your mindset is your tool to find peace in your thoughts and actions. As you continue your breathwork practice, you will be amazed at how your feelings and behavior will begin to shift, manifesting the life you’ve been hoping for.

Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork serves as a true healing power for our minds and bodies. Through simple shifts in the way we receive and release the “breath” in our bodies, we can establish a more calm and positive outlook on our lives.

For centuries, breathwork served as a tool for spiritual awakening. At the core of various ancient Eastern practices, such as Yoga and Tai Chi, are breathing techniques that allow our bodies to work through stiffness, emotional triggers, and struggle. These challenges aren’t just about our physical capacities – they very much concern our mental and emotional status as well.

Through Conscious Connected Breathing and other breathwork therapies, you can grant your body a sense of relief from various stressors in your life. The various breathing techniques help you to establish emotional balance in your life, effectively decreasing your stress. And, as we know, stress relief can help alleviate various ailments – insomnia, respiratory conditions, metabolic issues, and plenty more.

Above all, Conscious Connected Breathwork can effectively transform your outlook on your life. Incorporating this therapy into your daily practice can help you shift out of a mindset that may be keeping you from living your best life. All it takes is a little time, patience, and lots of breath!

Why Choose Dragonfly Wellness for Conscious Connected Breathing

With many years of experience, Dr. Lopes has supported multiple clients’ practice breathwork to reshape their mindsets. Her psychology and public health background fostered a strong awareness of individual stress triggers. Through studying Eastern medicine practices, Dr. Lopes understands how connected breathing is with our emotional and physical well-being, something that has not changed for thousands of years.

Dr. Lopes uses her knowledge to develop personalized breathwork sessions that provide long-term transformation in her patients’ lives.

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